Banjo Coffee: The Best Way to Start Your Day

Banjo Coffee

Banjo Food Coffee is a coffee company headquartered in Portland, Oregon that was started in the summer of 2014. What started as a cup of coffee for a friend, has turned into two main products, Banjo Coffee and Banjo Food To-go. Each product is inspired by Portland’s unique character, culture and environment. From the beginning, Banjo Coffee has been a coffee company that gives back to the community.

Who is Banjo Coffee?

Founded by a former Starbucks barista, Joe Gillham, Banjo Coffee is named after a native Oregon phrase meaning ‘good morning’ and also the Portland-area where the company is based. The phrase originated from Oregon’s many geysers and springs in the Willamette Valley. From the start of the company, Gillham was committed to giving back to his community and was determined to provide coffee from a local roaster, instead of pouring Starbucks for him and his friends. He also understood that coffee is not only for the morning, but also for the evening and even the night. For this reason, Gillham introduced Banjo Coffee to-go coffee cups, a coffee mug that could be used from morning to night.

The Birth of Banjo Coffee

In June 2014, Zach Helms launched a single batch of coffee in a cup with the name Banjo Coffee. The name was made up as a joke between himself and his business partner Thomas Howes. However, as this is a story that is best told through the relationship between the three founders, Zach, Thomas, and Zach’s wife Victoria, the joke turned into reality. The Banjo Coffee Logo The logo and tagline that Zach and his wife Victoria came up with is “satisfying your caffeine fix” and it is displayed on the cups, packaging, and their Facebook page. This is a slogan that you can find on all their products. In late August 2014, Zach, his business partner Thomas, and their business partner Victoria were about to open their first shop called The Well in Portland.

What Makes Banjo Coffee Different?

They deliver the highest quality beans possible, get them to you faster, and offer you a wide selection of local coffees. Available in a variety of coffee flavors, including French Roast, Tazo Chai Latte, and other styles. To-go boxes made of eco-friendly materials, that look and feel great in your hand. Banjo Coffee has already helped many local organizations and causes. Their coffee sales help fund the OreMedica Cancer Treatment Center, help improve bike lanes and parks in Portland, and help support City Views. The company currently employs 10 full-time, and currently looking to hire a few more coffee roasters. Tell me about some of the ways you give back to the community.

How Does Banjo Give Back?

Banjo Coffee gives back to the community in many ways, in hopes of spreading the coffee company’s goodness to others. Some ways that Banjo gives back include the annual Banjo Coffee Day, which occurs on the first Saturday of November. What is Banjo Coffee Day? Banjo Coffee Day is a coffee festival in Portland, Oregon where the community can come together to enjoy coffee, music, and get involved with Banjo Coffee. The festival is free to attend. While it’s a celebration of the people and the culture of Oregon, it’s also a great place to learn more about the Banjo Coffee company and how they give back to the community. What Will You Learn at Banjo Coffee Day? You can find Banjo Coffee on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and their website, Banjo Coffee.


With so many online and on-premise competitors, Banjo Coffee has found a way to take the world by storm. I’ve always believed that in order to be successful as a startup, it’s imperative to be passionate, innovative and customer driven. These three characteristics can be found in Banjo Coffee and it’s why it’s our coffee of choice. You can check out Banjo Coffee at the following locations: ~750 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97232 ~J4-C, San Francisco, CA 94107 ~E Liberty Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 ~Concourse C, Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013 ~East 10th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 ~945 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 For more information on Banjo Coffee, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.